H1N1 Vaccine: Educate Yourself

A lively debate that starts from an article about the H1N1 Virus and how it is so state controlled, that Seniors are complaining.
This debate quickly escalated into a back and forth discussion between me and my liberal colleague about Obama, Conservatives, Liberals, and possibly even the Easter Bunny. It really became a literary slugfest.Check it out some more...

ACORN Shredding Documents

Posted an article about ACORN shredding their documents and its amazing how my liberal buddy tried to shame the fact that anyone was talking about ACORN corruption while soldiers were dying in Afghanistan. Double standards and all, this is a lively political debate!Check it out some more...


I love the website celiberal.com - I had to post this article!Check it out some more...

The Clonewolf Chronicles

This is a blog dedicated to speaking boldly about political beliefs that run against the grain of Hollywood.

This is a blog dedicated to exposing the laughable ruse of CNN, NBC, CBS, and to an extent ABC for an obvious bias toward liberalism that EVERYONE can see except themselves!

This is a blog dedicated to demonstrating the foolishness of forcing atheism on the world even though atheism is the least thought-through of all faith-based belief systems. In fact, atheism requires MORE faith than theism. Darwin was a theology major that plagiarized “Origin of the Species” from his grandfather’s “Zooinomia”, this sounds like a shaky god to put your trust in, Matt “Dumb One” Damon.