ACORN Shredding Documents

Posted an article about ACORN shredding their documents and its amazing how my liberal buddy tried to shame the fact that anyone was talking about ACORN corruption while soldiers were dying in Afghanistan. Double standards and all, this is a lively political debate!
Once again, the dirty ACORN is caught with its hand in the cookie jar...and crumbs on its corrupt face. Remember these guys illegally "created" nearly 23,000 voters in Nevada prior to the 2008 elections.
Here is the original article:
ACORN Scandal: Dumping Incriminating Documents

Here is the lively social blog discussion that ensued:

Liberal Friend’s Response: So a Breitbart Empire blog entry (probably found on Drudge in 72 pt. font size) is what passes for "news" these days? Socialists! Communists! ACORNS! Birth Certificates! Death Panels! Yawn. We've got soldiers dying in Afghanistan - get a grip.

My Response: Wow...must have struck a liberal nerve there.
I mean, considering that 12 ex-CNN staffers immediately abandoned CNN after the election to join Obamunist's staff, that pretty much brings the count to: NBC, CBS, and CNN in the tank for the libbies. Now we all HAVE to go to Breitbart, Mediawatch, Drudgereport, and just about anywhere else to get anything other than liberal propaganda. Its a sad state of affairs my friend BRING BACK JIMMY CARTER! We miss him.
Technically, Breitbart reported's investigation obviously, because we would never hear anything about ACORN scandals on the above mentioned "news" outlets.

(I always put news in quotation marks because coming from ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC
- it more resembles propaganda than it does actual journalistic reporting - which we call “news”.)

Conservative Friend #1: With Acorn suing the Goverment to get its (paid for by taxpayers) funding back, this needs to be said and it needs to be news.

Liberal Friend: Lot's of things need to be said and need to be news.

Here's one:

"4 US Service Members Die in Afghan Attacks

KABUL — Bomb attacks and a firefight killed four U.S. troops in 24 hours in Afghanistan, the military said Monday, adding to the growing toll as NATO and the U.S. consider whether to send more forces to the war."

Keep collecting your ACORNS (and ex-CNN staffers), I'll watch the body count...

Conservative Friend: Personally, I grew up Military. I know the costs and the count. But, you are correct. Their sacrifice needs to be on the news and honored.
Now if our new administration will get off its duff and make a decision about Afganistan...

Conservative Friend #2: It's kinda funny how liberal's will defend this "news" because it casts an unkind shadow upon them..then try to make a smoke screen about another non related would sure play out differently if it was a conservative group that did the deeds that ACORN did...!

Liberal Friend: The funny liberal never once defended ACORN. I could care less about them or their waste management practices. I fail to see the importance of yet another ACORN expose' by a dumpster diving, right wing hit job source. Some people think the election was stolen (although pesky facts prove that wrong- darnit; if you need sources, I have 'em). That's alright. I felt that way about Bush in 2001. Believe it or not, I feel your pain.

My "shadowy" experience: The Democratic Party got organized. I went to the Democratic Caucus. It was a dogfight between the Clinton and Obama camps. I chose Biden in the first Caucus. I went to the polls in both the Primary and General Election. I wasn't offered a brown shirt or given a copy of The Communist Manifesto. I didn't see any ACORNS - anywhere. What I did see were a bunch of pissed-off, hard working American voters who had enough of eight years under the Bush Cabal and wanted (God forbid!) a Change. "Change" - a dirty word in the Conservative lexicon.

Here's an idea for the Republicans - run a better ticket than a multiple cancer treatment, older than the hills Senator backed up by a Nazi in a Red Dress who just wants to "Go Rogue" on everything and everybody - at $28.99 a copy. Bless her heart. ...

Don't worry. I'm sure with all of yours' and Rush Limbaugh's help, Obama's presidency will be a smashing failure. Bravo and pass the tea bag. Meanwhile, on planet Earth the war rages on, 14K people lose their health insurance each day (US CENSUS BUREAU) and the economy further sinks...

Me: know a post has a bit of "significance" when it sets off a firestorm like this article did.
1. My car is running beautiful, should I go out there and "change" it just because "change" is so cool?...
2. Obama promised "change" but it is really just the status quo...spend, tax, spend, tax, tax, spend. no different, the only "change" we've seen in the 1 year of Obama and the 4 years of a Democrat congress and Senate is the "change" in the unemployment of our pushing 11% up from 7% under Bushy.
The other change is the change in the national deficit
400 billion under Bush, now at 1.3 TRILLION under Obama - It will go much higher when the "collective" begins to dole out health care to the proletariat.
3. I love how libbies are so scared of Palin, I have never yet heard a single libbo tell me one thing that she has done wrong, besides accepting the position of running mate on a conservative platform. This is what I would call ad hoc and ad hominem arguments.
Palin: "I believe in TORT reform"
Scared Liberal response: "You're a NAZI! and you write BOOKS!"
not an intelligent argument in my opinion.
By the way, Hillary is out there pushing her tripe as well, but its been overshadowed because she doesn't have anything new to say.

Liberal Friend: 1) What? You didn't upgrade during Cash for Clunkers?!
2) However, the largest expansion of the federal gov't in history occurred under the Bush Administration. That tab is now coming due under Obama's presidency. How to pay? Tax and Spend worries you? How about Print and Spend? Thanks, GW!
3) Palin in 2012! Yes! ... Please! This is too easy. Quote The Roque: "As Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where– where do they go? It's Alaska. It's just right over the border." Not an intelligent argument for foreign policy experience IMHO.

This concluded the discussion regarding ACORN and their corrupt practices.
As you can see it veered way off course and ended with Palin bashing.
I usually tend to give the last word if I got the first word, which in the case of posting this article, I did.
And, the final word was the same harmless rehash of liberal cut and pastes on Palin.
...a la Katie Couric’s ridiculous hack job that turned, what could have been, an informative Palin
interview into another left wing extremist propoganda spew. News reporter...what a joke.

I do address a few of the above points of my liberal friend in some upcoming debates: Which I will post here on Cloneyville.
Do comment if you love or hate - both are equally appreciated...